Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dales Lair Episode 1: Ivy's Wish UPDATE May 14th 2013

Hey guys :)

Pre-Production is done for the first episode of Dale's Lair!

-I have came up with a basic but soon to be Complex backstory for the world of FantaCove, I drew up a few Storyboards and fully developed primary characters such as Dale and Ivy.

- Today Have begun Production of Dale's Lair Episode 1: Ivy's Wish; A short flash animation more or less a Demo/Prototype Episode and will be upgraded and much more diverse as later episodes go on

- Ivy's Wish is going to be drawn in Black and White due to simplicity and basicness for this first episode

-Been Playing around with Actionscript 3.0 in Flash, Might be adding some really neat stuff into this episode

- Being animated in Flash CS3 (Framerate ATM 31)

Heres a screen shot :) more info coming soon :D

Thanks for sticking by the updates for Dales Lair !

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