Friday, 10 May 2013

Welcome to the World of FantaCove and Dale!

My name is Scott Quarrington


Welcome to the World of FantaCove and Dale!


This Website will be Dedicated to a Animation Series im starting Called "Dale's Lair"

Dale's Lair will be a Comedy - High Fantasy Series that will follow the misadventures of 14 year old Dale Daggerdon and his Nympth- Fairy Companion Ivy as they travel the world of FantaCove and Explore its 5 Countries: Eryonfell, Duskum, Brimdwell, Fantacove - South and Magikai Isles (Magikai being Dales home Country)

this is just a bit of Info of what to Expect :) so far i have a World map drawn up in flash and have drawn 2 rough sketches of Dale and Ivy XD one in black and white (imo looks amazing, not trying to be cocky) and one in Colour (Pure awful more of an example of a representation of the colours they have!

Enjoi guys and let me know what you think of Dales Lair :) because im working on the first episode right now!!

When it comes out? you will be the first to know!

- Scott Quarrington May 10th 2013

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